How can I tell my version of CentOS Linux?

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Unitrends Backup; Recovery Series; Unitrends Free
RS/UEB 9.0; RS/UEB 8.2; RS/UEB 8.1; RS/UEB 8.x; Unitrends Free 9.0; Unitrends Free 8.1

Determine which version of CentOS is running on your Unitrends appliance.



From the user interface, select Help (the "?" icon) and About. At the end of the Appliance Version will be the server OS version:
Unitrends Appliance Version

From the legacy user interface, select About -- System Information.

Unitrends Recovery-Series system information screen.
​Look for "RecoveryOS Version". This will indicate the operating system of your Unitrends appliance.

Craig Hansen
Mariah Jobe

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